Contact Mrs. Vaughn

Need to reach me? There are lots of ways to do it.

Students should see me before and after school, whenever possible, for questions about classroom content. If you need more than about 15 minutes of my time, please ask for an appointment (which may take a day or two). If you have questions about what happened in class on a particular day, you should ask your "attendance buddy" (the person you exchanged phone numbers with on the first day of school).

Parents who would like to contact me are encouraged to first try my email address: I check this email every morning during the school year (and weekly during the summer), and usually get back to you within one school day. If you have questions about your student's grade, I ask that you first check his/her Campus Instruction account (formerly called Infinite Campus) prior to contacting me. I will update Campus Instruction frequently. If the student has turned in a major assignment such as a paper, it may take 10-14 days for the assignment to be graded AND entered in Campus Instruction.

Feel free to call me, but be prepared to leave a message, at 775.746.5880 extension 32105.