Reading for Pleasure

Welcome to "Reading for Pleasure," a class for students at McQueen High School who love to read.  Check out the course outline.

This year we came up with a list of a dozen "Books you'll like even if you don't like to read."  Give them a try!

The Divergent series

The Maze Runner series

The Hunger Games series

The Lost Symbol

The Boys in the Boat

The Art of Racing in the Rain


Kite Runner

The Center of the Universe

The Book Thief

The Glass Castle

All Nicholas Sparks books

Time Traveler's Wife

Nineteen Minutes

One for the Money

When we review books, we use this system:


Two Thumbs Up:  You love this book.  You're going to read it again.  You don't hesitate to tell perfect strangers about the merits of this book.  You love discussing the fine details of the book with someone else who has also read it.  You were sorry when you finished it because you were enjoying it so much.

One Thumb Up:  You like this book.  You wish more books that you have to read for school were like this book.  It was at least as fun to read as watching your favorite TV show.  You recommend this book to friends.

One Thumb Down:  You didn't like this book.  It wasn't horrible, and you were able to finish it, but it seemed like a waste of time.  You'll probably forget about it in a week or two.  You wouldn't recommend this book.

Two Thumbs Down:  The WORST.  It was positively painful to read this book.  You may not have finished it at all.  You tell people NOT to read it.