The Blue Room

The Blue Room, McQueen's Reading Club, began in the 2004-05 school year.  Our goal is to have students select one book to read every month, and then meet at lunch (with brownies!) to discuss the book.  Mrs. Vaughn and Mrs. Wakefield are the coaches.  All meetings are in the "Blue Room" - room 105, or in Mrs. Wakefield's room, 121.

To receive text alerts for Blue Room, send the text "@mcqbooks" to (925) 521-6494.  The text alerts are sent by "Remind," a one-way text messaging and email system.  With Remind, all personal information remains completely confidential.  Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you ever see theirs.

Books for the Fall and Spring of 2016-17 (we'll vote on the remaining spring books in the fall):


Aug 30 - The 5th Wave

Sept 27 - Still Alice

Oct 25 - Where the Red Fern Grows/Around the World in 80 Days

Nov 22 Little Women


Jan 24 - Ember in the Ashes

Feb 28 – Ready Player One


Interested in earning an activity letter for participating in the "Blue Room" book club?  Follow these guidelines:

1.        Students must read 6 of the nine “Books of the Year.”  These are books that students are not reading as a part of a class at McQueen.

2.       Students must attend the meeting for each of the books s/he has read and fill in his/her book log at the meeting. (Monthly meetings will be at lunch.)

3.       Students must actively participate in the discussions.

4.       Each student is responsible for recruiting at least one other reader, who will then attend at least two meetings.

5.       Students must propose at least 3 books a year.